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I don’t often get back to this old blog of mine, but I have exciting news!

This month, I’ve launched a second ebook! This time with co-author Betsy Wuebker of Passing Thru. The new ebook is The Narcissists: A User’s Guide.
Betsy and I had our fill of emotional predators, narcissistic types, and users from earlier life experiences. Perhaps you have one of these types in your life right now:

  • Do you feel like you’re the one who is always wrong?
  • Do attempts to set boundaries only meet with disdain and anger?
  • Are new suggestions shot down or sabotaged?
  • Do attempts to withdraw from the relationship create more firestorms of drama?

Having dealt with the drama queens, pouting doubters, and bullying beraters who pull people down, we put all that hard-won information in a resource that answers such questions as:

  • What creates a narcissistic personality?
  • Why can involvement with a narcissist hurt you?
  • Questions you can ask someone to help determine if they are a narcissist.
  • What can I say to set a boundary with a narcissist?
  • Is the price of caving in worse?
  • Why do some people seem immune to narcissists?

And unlike many online ebooks, ours is professionally designed by top-notch web and ebook designer Deborah Dorchak of Sirius Graphix — total thumbs up and endorsement for Deborah and Sirius!

My first ebook, Think Like a Black Belt: Take Charge of Your Own Safety is still free (for now!). More information here.

I’ve met some great martial artists online — Deb and Neil Jeffreys. Their site helps beginners find their way in the martial arts at taekwondo-information.org. I’ve written a bit more about them in my post, Go Beyond Think Like a Black Belt to Being One.

Deb graciously let me write a couple of articles for their site. One is on rape self defense (mega must-read!) and one is self defense for females.

For a couple months on Twitter, I posted self defense tweets. (–That means pithy insights into self defense thinking in 140 characters or less!) They are all archived on my self defense site here. They are also a great resource for anyone who teaches self defense classes or needs to create a self defense class syllabus.

Latest articles at my self defense website include:

A post on all my top articles and posts

A reminder about preparedness

An introduction to the most awesome snack food in the world

An overview of my new ebook

Another insight into those pesky narcissists


Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Lori Hoeck

Oh yes, one more thing!

If you like your self defense in bite-sized portions, try my archive of tweeted self defense tips — 140 characters or less HERE. I will also be doing a series called “Beyond the Tweet” in which I add a few more characters worth of information.

Here’s the first installment of this series “Vigilance, it’s a 27/7 thing.

Just to update again, I’m writing over at Think Like A Black Belt. Lots there to discover if you are a non-martial artists who want to discover self defense against physical, mental, and emotional attacks.

Here are the most recent posts:

The self defense book for everyone I’ve been talking about is finally published and downloadable!

My first book is an e-book – Think Like a Black Belt – Take Charge of Your Own Safety.bookcoverart-sm

And check out some reviews:

This one is from Betsy Wuebker, written on her blog Passing Thru:

“Think Like a Black Belt – Take Charge of Your Own Safety is a comprehensive guide to mental toughness and personal safety.  Written from the perspective of enabling parents to pass along personal safety and awareness tips to children and teens, Lori’s e-book goes beyond to a more universally valuable approach.  This e-book is for everyone – because everyone at one time or another finds themself in an unsafe situation.

“The Bonus Section is worth the price of the e-book alone. This is an activity set designed to fine tune your senses in your personal daily environment.  This D-I-Y workshop that will have you looking at your world in a fresh way while creating a strong anticipatory mode that will keep you more safe.

“Make no mistake – Lori doesn’t pull any punches.  She is not out to sugar-coat her message.  She is matter of fact, encouraging and ultimately, very convincing.  We can defend ourselves from the bad guys and we can teach our children how to recognize and deal with them, too.”

And this review of my blog and book is from Janice Hunter on her blog Sharing the Journey:

“Please check out Think Like a Black Belt for mental, physical and emotional self defense lessons, especially if you’re a woman or have children …

“Who can benefit? Anyone who walks in public, parks a car, has children, works with others, goes out in the evenings… in short, everyone! We’re talking some of the most practical life skills that can be applied to any situation where you need to be sharp, alert, aware and informed. I let my teenage kids read these posts. I’m anxious by nature, but the tips they’ll learn from the  Think Like a Black Belt e-book and blog will help me breathe a little easier. I bought the book the day it came out!  It covers many topics such as strengthening your inner radar and your psychological and physical defense mechanisms, and teaches us to layer all the skills for greater effect.”

For more information on the e-book click here. It’s over 100 beautiful pages and packed with information — no fluff anywhere!

I also wrote about the e-book on the companion blog, where I write on physical, mental, and emotional self defense. Some recent articles include:


It’s all fascinating and practical information that can keep you safer — and your children, too!


Thank you for visiting,
Lori Hoeck

The wonderful and gracious Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without a Blog, helped kick start my new self defense website Think Like a Black Belt this week. You absolutely must go read this short and awesome review! It is called Kicking It.

The response to the site launch and Barbara’s review has been heartwarming and motivating! Already readers, including women and parents, have found the information useful and are taking action in their own lives to keep themselves safer.

I’ve posted five blog articles or post so far at Think Like a Black Belt. One is an overview of the blog and the rest cover either physical, mental or emotional self dense. Why don’t you drop by or read Barbara’s review? Here are the links to most current posts:



NOTE: I wholeheartedly believe the information at Think Like a Black Belt is so important, I may use SpaceAgeSage.com to direct readers there. I don’t plan any more posts as you will find in the archives here, but you may find what you are looking for in confidence, wisdom, and insight at Think Like a Black Belt. Thank you and hope to see you there!


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