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Self Defense Tweets on Twitter

Oh yes, one more thing!
If you like your self defense in bite-sized portions, try my archive of tweeted self defense tips — 140 characters or less HERE. I will also be doing a series called “Beyond the Tweet” in which I add a few more characters worth of information.
Here’s the first installment of this series [...]

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Just to update again, I’m writing over at Think Like A Black Belt. Lots there to discover if you are a non-martial artists who want to discover self defense against physical, mental, and emotional attacks.
Here are the most recent posts:

Vigilance, it’s a 24-7 thing

Stop panic — three ways to unfreeze in self defense

Have [...]

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The self defense book for everyone I’ve been talking about is finally published and downloadable!
My first book is an e-book - Think Like a Black Belt - Take Charge of Your Own Safety.
And check out some reviews:
This one is from Betsy Wuebker, written on her blog Passing Thru:
“Think Like a Black Belt - Take Charge [...]

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The wonderful and gracious Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without a Blog, helped kick start my new self defense website Think Like a Black Belt this week. You absolutely must go read this short and awesome review! It is called Kicking It.
The response to the site launch and Barbara’s review has been heartwarming and motivating! Already [...]

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My last post at SpaceAgeSage was a few moons ago, but now I’m back in the saddle again ready to ride the blogging range. Many of my readers here knew of my martial arts background and desire to write books. That is all coming together!
The best news is I’ve started Think Like a Black Belt [...]

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