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Ramrod, doormat, or … ?

Many of us are uncomfortable setting boundaries and may be uncomfortable saying things like: “It’s not OK that you’re late constantly.” “It was really thoughtless of you to borrow that book of mine for your project and return it all beat up.” “I don’t want work calls at home unless it’s a real emergency.” “I […]

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By taking ownership and responsibility for our lives and allowing others to do the same, we set healthy boundaries around our minds, our time, our finances, our energy, our emotions, etc. It seems simple, but there is a misunderstanding that often gets in the way of setting boundaries, so we end up trying to control […]

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Those who control

Have you ever felt someone trying to control you? It’s not fun, is it? I find that either a battle begins between two egos or compliance comes reluctantly or resentfully. Either way, I feel like it is just so much unnecessary stress for both parties. Control freaks are actually undisciplined themselves, because their need to […]

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