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As I’ve noted in my last posts, I’m studying the ancient and timeless wisdom found in the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible, starting with the passage I wrote about here.
Each line of this passage describes life’s unchanging and changing natures by showing opposites that aren’t in contradiction, but rather part of a spiral or [...]

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I turn 49 soon — this month actually. I’ve been blogging since last February, and this is my 184th post.
Why does this matter?
Because sunrises always come every day to remind us of two things:

1) Some things are constant
2) Some things are not
For me this means I’m getting old (the constant), but I’m not going to [...]

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A few points to note:
1) Perceptions
I caught The Daily Show the other night with Jon Stewart talking with FoxNews personality Chris Wallace. Jon noted the difference for him about Obama (versus conservative politicians) is that they are on the same page. In their discussion, Jon said of Obama (paraphrasing), “For the first time someone is [...]

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Sometimes we really are our own worst enemies.
Part of us may want to push toward a dream or goal that requires work, and at the same time, part of us runs from it.
The part that wants to run tells us that if we start down this path, all that work will be too much. We [...]

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Do you feel asleep at the wheel?
Is life more mundane than motivational?
Do you long for something else, but aren’t sure what?
Does the energy you give out never seem to return?
Are you feeling like a cog, automaton, or puppet?

Well, I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, and wore it out.

A time comes when we realize [...]

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