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Call it authenticity, transparency, or being human, most people appreciate when a person demonstrates an open genuineness. No one loves hypocrisy, artificial drama, or phony types. At least not for long. Most of us value Truth, however we define it. We want to trust, to know a person’s words and actions come from the heart, [...]

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Certain religious teachings I have very little use for any more are good at creating fear:

Fear of having my own inner worth and wisdom
Fear of moving and flowing to the direction of the Holy Spirit
Fear of making my own decisions about scripture
Fear of making mistakes that could condemn me
Fear of Satanic influences circling like a [...]

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Isn’t this photo of our male cat just the essence of relaxed trust? He knows he is loved, pampered and safe in my husband’s lap.
Sometimes it is hard for us humans to be so naturally at peace and secure with our surroundings. My recent self-help book readings have been to find what makes us [...]

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Ways we don’t love ourselves

In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay writes of her belief that lack of self love (not self-centered vanity or arrogance) causes many of our illnesses. She includes this list of ways we don’t love ourselves:

We scold and criticize ourselves endlessly

We mistreat our bodies with food, alcohol and drugs

We choose to [...]

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